Waste recycling, in particular the extraction of raw materials from waste, is a matter of the times that many companies around the world are facing up to responsibly.

If the extraction of raw materials and the recycling of waste are carried out in accordance with the highest ecological principles and as a sustainable process, this has an exemplary and future-oriented effect.

The technology for implementing the ACTS process corresponds precisely to this concern.

With the ACTS process, raw materials such as carbon, oil and steel of the highest quality are extracted from waste materials such as scrap tyres and steel-rubber compounds of all kinds.

To operate an ecological and sustainable raw material economy is one side of the technical, entrepreneurial idea.

This is ecological and economic sustainability.


Germany alone has an annual scrap tyre volume of at least 650,000 tonnes of scrap tyres... In Europe it is more than 4 million tons!

Only the implementation of the process presented and planned here for the production of carbon from rubber waste will be the beginning to help solve two problems at the same time:

Extraction of high-quality and sought-after raw materials and waste recycling in an energetically ecologically sensible process.

When the project talks about scrap tyres, these are not the scrap tyres to be exported abroad, which according to German standards may no longer be driven domestically.

Rather, the project refers to scrap tyres from cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

But also rubber tracks of tracked vehicles, conveyor belts and armoured tracks are not disposed of ecologically at the moment. They can be processed into new raw materials by the process used.


The carbon production plant to be built is the first of its kind in the world.

  • The raw materials used in the rubber compounds are extracted in a single production step.

The construction of the plant pursues the economic purpose of marketing carbon for industrial purposes and for further processing.

At the same time, the plant serves to set an example of how environmentally friendly recycling of used tires works and to accelerate the international marketing of the production plants and their technology.

The establishment of further locations within Germany and Europe is possible because the raw material market "waste" is available in Germany alone.

Even if this is often officially presented differently.

With the construction of only one plant in Germany, a market share of only 1% of the annually growing garbage mountain "scrap tyres" is achieved.

Here it becomes clear how urgently such plants are needed to meet the demands of a cleaner world.




ACTS Germany - Berlin

Canary Islands - Gran Canaria



Unimaginable mountains of waste from old tyres burden every country on earth. ACTS can help to make the world a better place.

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